Wood Fence

Wood fence is the best fence on market for privacy, it's known for it ability to provide privacy and security to any application. You can choose from a number of different styles and post sizes.

It is also offered in a variety of different styles to suit your needs and application, and is available to Cedar or Pressure Treated lumber.


Wood fence offers consumers variety and privacy. Wood fence have been preferred for decades to define property lines, enclose children and pets, and as well offers privacy for you and family.

There are two basic types of wood fences - Residential and Industrial. The difference between the two types is mainly determined by the type of posts, frame and board used. Both types are available in cedar and pressure treated.

Benefits of a Wood Fence

  • Offers the most privacy, compared to other types
  • Wood also offers Durability, Security, and beauty
  • It come in a numerous styles to suit your needs and purpose
  • Available in cedar and pressure treated with many different heights and styles